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TT 69 4 in 1 Pump-gel Adhesive.

Cyberbond presents the ultimate in a gel adhesive, TT69 4 in 1 combining four products into a single easy-to-use package:

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Another breakthrough from our product development team, this handy gel pump is the answer to a handymanʼs dreams. Combining the best characteristics of the full array of metal-bonding adhesives in one handy, easy-to-dispense gel pump, our Anaerobic TT69 4-in-1 is your one-stop shop for any common sealing task. Its unique formulation gives it high strength on a variety of smooth or flanged surfaces.

So whether youʼre sealing a leaky pipe or gasket, locking a loose bolt (of any material, and with any size threads!), securing a bush, or performing one of the hundreds of other tasks an anaerobic adhesive is designed for, you now need only reach for one bottle—just make sure itʼs Cyberbondʼs Anaerobic

TT69 4-in-1!





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