Cyberbond - The Power of Adhesive Information

Cyberbond manufactures and markets a wide range of high performance adhesives for Industrial manufacturing applications. Our wealth of knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit as well as our dealings with customers, business partners and employees on a medium-sized level has allowed us to become a leader in the adhesive marketplace since our inception in 1997.

Cyberbond’s global diversity with distributors and manufacturers in the USA and Europe allows us to offer quality products at an outstanding value. With our network of professional distributor partners, Cyberbond also maintains the local presence necessary to provide our customers with the high level of service they expect – wherever they may be.

Cyberbond has a unique product offering with specialities in:

  • Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
  • Anaerobic Adhesive
  • UV light curable Adhesive
  • Additional - Activators / Primers / Removers
  • Dosing Equipment and dosing aids
  • Epoxy / Acrylics
  • Linop Dosing Equipment

Responding quickly to your applications is our strength. Our worldwide technical and manufacturing resources ensure consistent results.

As a TS 16949 & ISO 9001 certified company we are constantly working to develop and produce the highest quality and most reliable adhesives possible. Our innovative products have already set the quality standard for industry. We are dedicated to providing a beneficial choice to the adhesive marketplace. Cyberbond is focussed on lowering risk while increasing profitability for our customers.

A world-class team of sales and technical professionals are waiting to assist you with making the right adhesive choice. Cyberbond’s commitment to quality, value, and customers’ service has allowed us to succeed in this highly competitive market.

Our story can be traced back to 1997. At this time, Cyberbond LLC was founded just west of Chicago in Batavia, Illinois, on the premise of setting a higher quality standard in the specialty adhesives industry. In just under a decade, our business has expanded its operations, and solidified itself as one of the world's leading suppliers of specialty adhesives. Along with the Batavia location, there are now corporate facilities and satellite offices established across the United States, Europe, and Asia, and we will continue to develop our operations across the globe. Let us show you the Power of Adhesive Information - wherever you may be.

Certified and Customizable
As an ISO/TS 16949: 2002 certified company, we are relentlessly endeavoring to develop new innovations without compromising our discerning standards. In each new product we introduce, we take intensive measures in development and testing to outperform the current standards of the industry. Based on our extensive research and development, we will customize your adhesive solutions according to the most demanding of specifications:

•                The manufacturing environment (climate)

•                Ecological parameters

•                Viscosity

•                Flexibility                                                                                                                                                   

•                Coloration

•                Packaging and dispensing

•                And other special considerations                                   

We aim to help your production eliminate process bottlenecks and increase production output.


A reliable adhesive makes a world of difference in the manufacturing process. Cyberbond's business philosophy is to minimize risk while enhancing profitability. Actually, it is the primary reason that Cyberbond gained recognition and prominence in the adhesive industry so rapidly. From a cross section of manufacturing disciplines, Cyberbond streamlines the process while generating a substantial return on investment (ROI).

Without our team of world-class experts, we would be unable to customize and recommend suitable adhesive solutions. Cyberbond's highly responsive technical professionals will assist you in making the appropriate adhesive decision by taking into consideration all of the requirements of your application.

When you contact us to adhere to the parameters of your manufacturing process, we will be just as committed to the quality and value of your manufacturing as you are. We look forward to enabling your success in a brave new world of globalization - we look forward to working with you.



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